Cleaning Service in San Diego, California

I designed and developed bright and candy website for a cleaning company with convenient management system

The task

A cleaning company from San Diego, California needed a new website for representation of their service. The website has two main business tasks: to be memorable, highly conversive and to make business operational management convenient.

Cleaning Market and –°ompetitors

I started my work with market research. There are a lot of companies in California that provide cleaning service. So here how they look
And that's where I saw an opportunity to get some concurrent excellence

All these websites are totally emotionless

But cleaning is about emotion. It's about comfort, safety and our mood. So a website for cleaning service could be emotional! And it should be emotional and juicy!

The Design

I chose the simple, minified and super clean style. Because the client provides "Friendly Service" among all other things. So the most of media images is 3D modeled
3D modeling is long term process it takes a lot time, but the result worth it

Juicy and friendly representation for juicy and friendly services

But the most important elements is about... first contact!

And here is the first hero screen

Because it is about filthy things. It is about garbage. It is our customer's pain

So here we entertain the visitor by this cute animation

It looks cute and evokes really powerful positive emotions that can increase user's retention
Next similar element with same mechanic is about before/after block

Before/After could be involving

Beautiful, isn't it?
And here is how expanded information blocks look

Positive emotions

So even this simple and routine moment of exploring typical information could be enjoyable. And it's important because it's touches of our brand

Business Task

The last but not the least

Our website main goal is to generate the leads. It's about conversation. So the main Call To Action logic is located in Online Booking form

Which word suits the best for Online Something-doing Form?

It's Simple!

So then I designed a beautiful Online Booking Form based on web-analytics and UI/UX best practise
The main feature is about to controlling user's behavior through user's focus. It's quite simple - we make unnecessary inputs blurry, so the user clearly understand what he should do to make an order. That's how it looks like in static mode
And here how it looks like on the website in action

Tech Stack


The final website includes not just a front website for customers, but it includes and Content Managing Panel which I can't show because of NDA. So the final Technical Stack contains Laravel, MySQL, Telegram (for notifications), Google (for transactional Emails)


The frontend part of the website made with Laravel Blade and VueJS for dynamic and interactive parts. And those beautiful animated hero element with cleaning made with PixiJS (WebGL)