Just Another Android Game About Killing Tones of Zombies

I love games. I've been playing games since I was 12. And I used to develop games. So one day I was surfing about GameDev and I found beautiful tools. Unity!

Oh it's magic. There were nothing useful and simple like that when I was 12! So I thought the time for new language and a lil gamedev has come and I dived into C#

Here are some zombie game features

8 types of shooting weapon available: handgun, micro-rifle, shotgun, minigun, rocket launcher, multi-rockets, nails machine, freezer
6 types of defense wall available for surviving
Shoot monsters by holding your finger
Tap as fast as you can for collecting powerups and coins
Earn coins, upgrade your Weapon and buy new ones
Upgrade your Defensive Wall and buy new ones
Use powerful automatic defensive turrets for supporting

Here are some gameplay