I'm about to share my Web Development experience

In order to get some language practice I decided to share some of my experience. Whether it'll be a couple of articles or tons of materials - I think it'll make someone's life better.

Actually I've already started recording my first masterclass. It's devoted to blog developing. There a lot of blog-developing courses. But all of these courses are boring and stupid-simple. I mean you can't use it in real life. And I wanted to make some really usefull ready-product masterclass. Anyway, I want to record «Laravel Blog Developing» and «Laravel Online Shop Developing».

That's right. Online Shop on Laravel could be a very interesting course. And again - I've seen a lot of tutorials and lessons dedicated to online shop developing in Laravel. But it's not a commercial-ready material. And I want to create a course that can really upgrade your knowledge about e-commerce.

Oh, and another one - realtime magic. A course about realtime - websockets. See, you can find lots of tutorials about realtime Laravel. But it's about marketing and promotion of the author's products. So I want to show you that websocket is a very easy technology and you can use it in three(!) totally different ways inside of Laravel + Vue/React stack.

So that's 3 main topics:

  1. Blog
  2. Online Shop
  3. Websockets